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Snorkel Lift Next time you need to work at elevation, consider using a snorkel lift in lieu of a ladder. All Terrain Aerial Lifts is pleased to present a splendid assortment of lifting gear that puts a worker where they need to be, without the worry of an unstable ladder.

Snorkel lift trucks are commonly referred to as 'cherry pickers' because that was what they were designed to do. Today, you will see high voltage electrical workers using them all the time. A snorkel is safer than a ladder, by virtue of the grounding effect provided by the snorkel lift truck's rubber tires. A lift can provide a worker access to places not reachable by ladder. By using this type of equipment, workers can get a job done in a comfortable and relatively safe manner. Snorkel lifts and buckets come in different sizes and with a variety of features such as single or double-arm booms and hydraulic outrigger jacks for extra stability. Some trucks provide power to their boom lifts from the actual truck engine, while others utilize an auxiliary engine to operate the boom. A friendly All Terrain Aerial Lifts representative will be happy to delineate the differences to you.

Scissor lifts are aerial work platforms than typical snorkel lifts, used to lift workers to heights that wouldn't be accessible otherwise. A telescopic scissor provides a larger work station, known as a table, that allows workers plenty of working room as well as a place to hold equipment. Typical scissor lifts do not reach as high as a boom lift. If sacrificing height for a bigger work station is not a problem, this may be what you want. When you're ready to know what a snorkel lift, towable lift or scissors lift can do for you, call 559.225.8000. We look forward to speaking with you.
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