Aerial Lift

Aerial Lift Need to work way up high? Ladders are cumbersome and unsteady. If you've got to work at a major elevation, ladders are simply dangerous. Consider renting a high quality, reliable aerial lift from All Terrain Aerial Lifts. We offer a variety of trailer mounted and self propelled lifts. Call 559.225.8000

We provide a variety of heavy duty lifts that are appropriate for a range of industrial and commercial applications. We have smaller load lifts, as well, which may be more suitable to your purposes. An aerial lift provides a safe way for a person to work up high. Scissor lifts are appropriate to applications where less reach and height is required, but more lifting capacity is needed.  A scissors style aerial lift provides larger platform work areas and they generally allow for heavier loads than typical straight boom man lifts. An aerial lift, or man lift, is one of the most common devices used to conduct work at an elevated location. Aerial lifts are commonly used in lieu of traditional shipyard scaffolding. Aerial lifts are defined thusly: "Any vehicle-mounted device, telescoping or articulating, or both, which is used to position personnel."

Aerial lifts are designed to lift limited weights — generally less than a ton, although some have a higher SWL, or safe working load. This feature distinguishes them from most types of construction cranes. An aerial lift is usually capable of being set up and operated by a single person. Before you rent, purchase or otherwise use an aerial lift of any type, please make yourself familiar with OSHA rules and regulations regarding the same.  All Terrain Aerial Lifts offers a full range of effective and secure lifts to suit a variety of lifting purposes. All Terrain Aerial Lifts provides a range of sky jack lifts, NiftyLifts and lifting equipment made by MLE/ATAL, NiftyLift and Snorkel. When you're ready to know what a man lift can do for you, call 559.225.8000

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