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Las Vegas Sliding Glass Door Repair

There is nothing as irritating as a dysfunctional sliding door. The constant jamming not only makes them hard to operate, but they also cause further damage. With A+ Sliding Door Repair Las Vegas sliding glass door repair, you’ll no longer have to put up with a problematic sliding glass door.

The problem with not fixing faulty sliding doors on time

The older sliding glass doors get, the harder operating them becomes. This usually occurs as the result of normal wear and tear of regular operation. With time, you will notice that the doors produce loud grinding noises, do not close and leave gaps along with the frames. Get in touch with us as soon as you notice any of these problems.

We will come in and identify the leading cause of the problem you are experiencing with your glass doors, preventing further damage. We will then replace any worn out parts with better-than-original replacement parts, ones that will get them operating as new in no time. Do not risk further damage and more costs in replacements, act now.

Why is my sliding glass door not operating correctly?

Las Vegas sliding glass doors stop working properly, mainly due to the hot weather we have here. The wind blows sand, dust and other contaminants in the crevices of the doors, causing the rollers to jam and wear out faster. The hot temperatures also cause the lubricants to dry out at a higher rate, making the doors harder to open and close.

Another main cause of improperly working sliding doors is the normal settling of your home. This can make the door misalign with the tracks, causing it to jam.  It can also cause the frame to jut out of the square. These issues can greatly affect the ease with which your doors operate, making it harder for you to access your yard, closet, etc.

Do I need a new sliding door?

Not necessarily. Many times the problems you are experiencing are caused by easy to fix lubrication issues, or worn out parts. Unless the glass on your sliding door is broken, of course. In this case, we may need to replace it.

Our technicians can handle any problem you are having with your sliding glass doors. We have over 20 years’ experience dealing with and solving, various types of malfunctions involving handles, rollers, tracks, axles, etc. We also have high-quality replacement parts that will get your sliding doors functioning better than new ones.

Reasons to get Las Vegas sliding glass door repair

A faulty sliding door is not only a nuisance, but it also needs a lot of energy to operate. If the door leads to the patio, yard, etc., it can pose a significant security risk for you and your family. The gaps also let out conditioned air leading to higher electricity bills.

With A+ Sliding Door Repair, you no longer have to put up with any of these issues. We cater for all your Las Vegas sliding glass door repair needs.

Las Vegas Sliding Glass Door Repair

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