About ATAL

All Terrain Aerial Lifts provides a complete line of aerial lifts from 20 foot to 133 foot working heights. We offer trailer mounted, wheeled, and track lifts of various sizes. We specialize in compact versatile lifts that can go through a 36 inch gate or door. We have lifts for indoor use as well as for a variety of outdoor uses. We even offer narrow track lifts that are insulated for tree care and utility power line use. All Terrain Aerial Lifts is the definitive source for all of your aerial lift needs. Call us today so that we can help you find the right aerial lift to meet your needs.


Our company was originally founded to provide high quality durable and insulated narrow track lifts for the tree care industry. Since then we have expanded and now provide a wide variety of boom lifts, spider lifts, and skyjack lifts for both indoor and outdoor use for window washing, building maintenance, construction, tree care, utility work and other uses. We believe in providing you with quality aerial lifts to help you get your job done safely and efficiently. We help you go where no one else can go and do safely what no one else can do.

For more information on any of our products call Curt Blank at ATAL today (559) 225-8000 or E-mail allterrainaeriallifts@gmail.com


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